Surround Sound System

This is a 5.1 channel system designed to faithfully play back the source. Positioning is crucial as the reference drivers have phase-plugs. Although each primary driver is bandpassed to 90-2.5kHz, they are capable of reproducing the full range of audible frequencies as to not create artificial distortions due to its inherent frequency response. The primary two left/right channels have four active filters as well as amplifiers powering them. The two full range drivers are powered seperately from the tweeters to prevent distortion/interference from passive filters. There is a single 8" high excursion reference subwoofer in the system and can support a total of two subwoofers. It's size lowers its transient response time, creating cleaner bass while being more than capable of filling the room with sound.

Driver Filter Range Enclosure Tune
Full Range 90Hz - 2.5kHz 90Hz
Tweeter 2.5kHz+ N/A
Subwoofer 90Hz- 27Hz
Channel Driver Driver 2 Amplifier Amplifier 2
Left/Right 2x RS-100-8 4" DC28F-8 1-1/8" TPA3118 60W TDA7492 2x50W
Center 2x RS-100-8 4" N/A TPA3118 60W N/A
Surround RS-100-4 4" N/A TPA3118 30W N/A
Subwoofer RSS210HO-4 8" N/A TAS5613 2x300W N/A