Dragalia - Version

Version history.

Fixed Flame Tree, updated banner.
Added a live indicator for Twitch and a fix for halidom calculator's material count being too close.
2/9/2020 - 2
Added meta description and fixed duplicate link.
Overhaul of website. Known issues: Firefox does not support backdrop-blur as of now. Fallback is a solid color or complete transparency, which makes the interface look noticeably worse. Tested in: Chrome 79, Safari 13, Firefox 72. Performance hit in creators page. Rainbow accent works differently between browsers, not a priority issue.
Added The Hungerdome and Shadow Tree. Fixed bug with materials over 1000 per level not calculating properly. Fixed bug with buildings with multiple bonus categories (i.e. Seabed Stage) not adding properly.
3/27/2020 - 2
Fixed a major bug created by the previously fixed bug that corrupted the save files and prevented buildings from being added. Unfortunately save files are lost from the fix.
Added the Wind Tree facility. Increased level cap for Altars, Mines, and other event facilities. Added links to all facility and material images to direct to their respective wiki page. Fixed bug where removing a set would remove multiple sets in some scenarios. Fixed a bug where clicking the 'Show' or 'Hide' text of an info panel would not change its text accordingly.
4/29/2020 - 2
Fixed bug where building images wouldn't update when increasing target level. Added images for level 31 and level 36 rupie mines.
4/29/2020 - 3
Fixed a bug where adding a new building would trigger a fallback and delete all data in the set.
Added a 'Reset Storage' button in the menu to reset cookies and localStorage in case of corruption or unexpected behavior.
Added level 35 Circus Tent and level 25 Flame Tree. Published Character Builder (Alpha), so expect missing features/bugs. Please report them in my Discord if you find any. Thanks!
Fixed duplicate Wyrmprint images on specific prints. Expanded Custom Halidom panel vertically on screens with smaller width.
6/19/2020 - 2
Added maximum dropdown size limit for Halidom sets. Added a Halidom Calculator shortcut from the Character Builder.
6/19/2020 - 3
Fixed some spelling errors. Fixed Gala Mars (70% -> 90%).
Fixed a bug where might from abilities on weapons with abilities do not add properly. Fixed a bug where clicking on 'Max' will not update stats if the currently selected item category is empty. Optimized changing values, should not be calculating a change 4 times. More optimization will come in the future, bug and features are prioritized at this point.
6/22/2020 - 2
Fixed a layout width issue where the Character Builder panels would sometimes extend slightly beyond the normal max width of content on the site.
Changed width of various elements to make site more mobile friendly.
6/23/2020 - 2
Modified navigation to make it scale more consistently across devices than before.
Chapter 14 update, waiting on Dracolith update data dump.
6/24/2020 - 2
Dracolith update. Also contains some new weapons/items for next event and Agito. They have potentially incomplete data.
6/24/2020 - 3
Fix augment might overlay not updating when changing items. Fixed halidom calc mats not showing.
Added damage calculation to Character Builder. Expect some bugs.
6/25/2020 - 2
Fixed weapon abilities not affecting defense, resistance, hp, etc. bonuses when calculating damage.
6/25/2020 - 3
Character Builder page description update.
6/25/2020 - 4
Fixed a bug where halidom set names were not displaying properly in the Character Builder. Increased the overall width of content. Added commas to material, rupie, and info values in the manifest. Moved Rupie values from the Manifest to the Info section. Rearranged various panels in the Character Builder. Made the building panel fill the entire width of the device at low device widths.
Fixed a bug where Agito Tree facilities were not being calculated properly (wiki team please make data for those conistent, thanks :P). Fixed a bug where building times were being calculated one level off.
6/26/2020 - 2
Added Water Tree and Festival Stage.
Updated max building levels for Shadow Tree and Seabed Stage. Added Manacaster Dojo, Light Tree, and Statue of Ilia.
Updated max building levels for various buildings. Added Opera House.