Dragalia - Version

Version history.

Fixed Flame Tree, updated banner.
Added a live indicator for Twitch and a fix for halidom calculator's material count being too close.
2/9/2020 - 2
Added meta description and fixed duplicate link.
Overhaul of website. Known issues: Firefox does not support backdrop-blur as of now. Fallback is a solid color or complete transparency, which makes the interface look noticeably worse. Tested in: Chrome 79, Safari 13, Firefox 72. Performance hit in creators page. Rainbow accent works differently between browsers, not a priority issue.
Added The Hungerdome and Shadow Tree. Fixed bug with materials over 1000 per level not calculating properly. Fixed bug with buildings with multiple bonus categories (i.e. Seabed Stage) not adding properly.
3/27/2020 - 2
Fixed a major bug created by the previously fixed bug that corrupted the save files and prevented buildings from being added. Unfortunately save files are lost from the fix.