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Calculators that may be helpful. More may be added later.

Player EXP

Current Level:
Target Level:
Current EXP Value:
Progress: 0.00%
EXP Difference:
Friend Limit: 0
Stamina: 0
Regen Time: 0
EXP Bonus %:
Runs of ATF:
Runs of ER:
Runs of IO:
Runs of DT:
Runs of HDT:

Honey to Stamina Converter

Total Stamina: 0
Stamina per run:
Custom Runs: 0
Runs of ATP/ATF/ER: 0
Rupees per run:
Rupees earned: 0
Runs of DT: 0
Runs of IO: 0
Runs of HDT: 0